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The City and Digital Architecture


La città e l'architettura digitale


thesis, Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia , Venezia/Torino, 2000-2001

A study of real and virtual in architecture and in the city, the plurality of their possible forms, and modes of material expression in urban context.

The thesis explored the influence of computational media on design and on the gap between the virtual (in the philosophical sense), digital design and built architecture. It noted problems associated to some of the following practices in contemporary architectural design:

The freezing of continuous morphing as an act of design.
Contemporary (digital) design as organic architecture clothed in new materials.
The impossibility of faithfully representing or physically building the virtual.

These questions were explored through an iterated series of physical and digital representation techniques, around an architectural design project, the world theatre in Prague.

This thesis work was awarded with exceptional points and with Honors.

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thesis posters

thesis posters

models: wood

models: clay

models: metal