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Karmen Franinovic : Projects

Modular Inflatable

Inflatable modular interactive space

with Stefano Mirti and Edoardo Brambilla, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, 2003

The modular inflatable was designed to integrate electronics and interactive behaviours into an inflatable, to create a teaching interactive space platform and to permit flexible space composition. The project was developed at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea and was used for teaching 'Life without objects' class in 2003-2004. The inflatable is composed of several modules: the top module, the air input module, the entrance module and the various in-between modules. These can be rearranged in different combinations according to the needs of the project and the context. In addition, the conduits which would hide the wiring of the interactive inflatable space or would be used to curve the inflatable tube were designed.

My role in this project was conception, design, construction and prototyping.

The interactive modular inflatable was exhibited in Brussels at the FoAM event Surface Tension, where in the presence of the people the inflatable would start to wiggle, moved by the strings attached to three motors. At the Intimacy, Beyond Media festival in Firenze, the Ciccio group presented the new teaching platform together with examples of interactive light and sound space.

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Building the prototype, Ivrea

Surface Tension, Marginal Constrictions, FOAM Lab, 2003

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Documentation of the event Surface Tension at the FoAM lab in Brussels, Belgium.

A feature,
written together with the Ciccio group,
on the inflatable in the context of the Europan 7 competition, published
in the March 2004 edition of Arch'it.