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Recycled Soundscapes

Recycled Soundscapes

interactive public sound installation

Recycled Soundscape is designed as a system through which to explore and engage with auditory aspects of experience in the city, and to provide the possibliity of relief, through sound and relational design, from the prevailing and often stressful urban flow.

The result is an interactive system for the public orchestration of an urban sound ecology. It consists of a set of kinetic, human-scale interfaces which seek to create diversions and concentrations of attention within the sonic context of a location, by facilitating reflective activity in the public sphere, in the course of which an acoustic landscape may be augmented, modified, and performed. It offers the possibility to listen to and to record noises - human, natural, machine - which are otherwise difficult to take notice of, and which nonetheless contribute to the characteristic of a place over time, composing its evolving memory in sound.

At Designing Interactive Systems, Boston, and Resonances 2004, Ircam, Paris.

Recycled Soundscapes first prototypes and testing, MA thesis, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea.

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Installation Place Igor Stravinsky, Ircam, Paris

additional media and documentation

  • Recycled Soundscapes, background and first prototypes, MA thesis, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea.
  • K. Franinovic, Y. Visell, "Recycled Soundscapes: Sonic Diversion in the City", in Proc. Sound Design 04. PDF
Installation at Resonances Festival, Paris. Sound design. Public Testing, Ivrea, Italy.