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Santhia Outlet

Santhia Outlet

collaboration on design at ArchA architects, with Arata Isozaki and Arup, Torino, 2001-2002

The Santhia outlet complex is based on the concept of the shopping street, rather than that of a commercial centre. It is the main part of a larger commercial area called The Fashion District, located on the route from Milan to Turin.

Although familiar inside, the entrance of the Santhia Outlet is marked with unfamiliar glass and metal structures. The central street is covered by nearly one hundred large glass panels, bringing the light to the centre of the building. A kindergarten designed by Sotssass and a sculptural object by Isozaki at the entrance are not present in the following images. The rest of the building was developed by ArchA in collaboration with Arup Italia.

My role in this project: design, 3d modelling, presentation.

Santhia Outlet development

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View the Santhia Outlet on the Fashion District website.