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Syncoptic Space

Syncoptic: Unstable Reality

responsive environment, with Yon Visell and Evelina Kusaite, FoAM, Brussels, 2003

An augmented space made of sound and space gaps, loci of light and darkness, invites players to interact with the each other through light dynamics and spatial sound, and to discover a space articulated by a multiplicity of constellations, in an innocent game. The floor on which the players walk, a surface stretched across a thick body of water, lends a critical instability to the boundaries of the physical space which, together with the low visibility, slows down every movement. This apparent space of nothing incorporates the player into its expanding and solidifying reality. A luminous transitional tube is extended from the gallery into the surrounding urban space, effecting a region of transformation of the private into the public.

Sycoptic was an Artist in Residence project supported by Giovani Artisti Italiani / Movin'Up Program, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea and FoAM.

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Installation FOAM Lab, Brusselles

Constellation Dimensie 4 by van Oosterbosch
Sketch: The transit
Sketch: The begining of the space
Construction of instability: an acqueous floor
Online contributed constellation : Nervus Avidus by Sher Doruff
Input for the constellation engine: Rhiannon by Maja Kuzmanovic and Evelina Kusaite
Inflatable: An obstacle and an invitation.
Luminous tube pulling the inside space out.
Softness: Streched fabric and polyfoam.
Creating the light space. Understanding the relations. (the infared image from above).
Inside: dark and instability. Physical adaptation to new spatial conditions.
Luminous tube: helium baloons, polyfoam sofas and transition to the main area.
Gaze in the artificial sky.
Revealed constellation.
Appropriating the space.

additional material and links

People Floating in the Dark
View from Above
Kids going Wild / Space going Wild
sound/video 2 (video documentation, 15 sec, 3.3M)
sound/video 3 (video documentation, 2 min., 16M)
sound/video 4 (video documentation, 1 min., 6M)

Syncoptic's early working pages: concept, references and construction
Structure and mythology of on line contributed constellations
Syncoptic technology

Syncoptic public event at FoAM Lab, Brussels